Incorporating Loading Arms into Safe Access & Fall Protection Solutions

As a safe access and fall protection supplier, many times Benko Products is asked to incorporate loading arms into our solutions. While we do not fabricate the loading arms, we do have the ability to help our clients with sourcing loading arms from various manufacturers. Selecting the correct arm is not as easy as one might think. This is particularly the case for terminal operations or other sites that need the ability to service various trucks and rail cars, sometimes multiple compartments, at the same time.

To properly help our clients, Benko Products’ GREEN Access & Fall Protection team needs to fully understand what the operator is doing during the loadout process. Usually, the team will ask a series of technical questions to help determine the best arm for your application. Below are some bullet points for the types of questions raised:

  • Type of Requirements
  • Size & Capacities
  • Desired Material of Construction
  • Media to be Transferred
  • Features
  • Accessories
  • Equipment by others
  • Site Dimensions
  • Vehicle Dimensions
  • Desired Transfer Time

Many pipe companies use the acronym “STAMP” - Size, Temperature, Application, Media, Pressure for asking questions.

These questions are typical for both top and bottom loading/unloading as well as for both truck and rail car applications. Once these questions are answered, our team probes deeper into how the site plans on using the equipment. Our team may ask to get others involved in the process. During this phase of the design process, our team is helping to determine the best arm confirmation. The intent is to ensure that the arm has sufficient:

  • Horizontal Reach
  • Vertical Movement
  • Drop-pipe lengths
  • Open or tight-fill connection
  • Vapor recovery applications
  • Other Incorporated Devices
    • valves, fittings
    • safety breakaway connections
    • steam jacketing
    • heat trace
    • high-level detection
    • ground monitoring and more...
Incorporating Loading Arms into Safe Access & Fall Protection Solutions

One thing that sometimes gets over looked is how the arm will store when not in use. Identifying where the arm will store is extremely important. The last thing anyone wants is to learn that the arm interferes with other devices. Terminal operators have an extra challenge, as they typically are loading/unloading more than one product at a station and may have multiple loading arms. Configuring the arm is especially challenging for engineering, safety, process personnel, and maintenance. Each of these departments have unique requirements, needs and wants that must be taken into consideration before the deployment of a solution.

Incorporating Loading Arms into Safe Access & Fall Protection

If you need help with loading arms either for new or existing loading or unloading stations, Benko Product’s GREEN Access & Fall Protection team is available to help. Even if there is not an immediate need and only a “down the road” interest, we can have a quick 10 minutes exploratory conversation over the phone. Call today 440-934-2180, and we can decide together if we can help and if a site meeting is needed.

Author Christopher J. Roark is the International Sales Manager for GREEN Access & Fall Production a division of Benko Products, Inc.  He can be reached at 919-670-6266 or cjroark -at- benkoproducts -dot- com.  
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