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Box Furnaces / Batch Furnaces

RIFCO Industrial Heat Treat Furnaces

RIFCO Industrial Box Furnaces / Batch Furnaces can accommodate a diverse range of load types, configurations and materials.

From single, large metal ingots for forging or rolling, to multiple weldments for stress relieving, to pre-cast refractory shapes for bake out--- Challenge us with your toughest furnace applications!

Our Box Furnaces can be found in a variety of industries, including these and more:
• Steel Mills
• Forging- Open & Closed Die
• Foundries- Ferrous & Non-Ferrous
• Ceramics
• Heat Treating

Cost Effective • Innovative Designs

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Built to Last

Batch and Box Style Industrial Furnaces - Additional Information

Standard Features
RIFCO Industrial Box Furnaces are one of the most cost-effective furnace designs available:
are one of the most versatile furnace designs available:

Built to meet your specifications!
• No rolling frames, tracks or drive systems required means a smaller overall footprint (vs. Car Bottom).
• No leaks between the hearth and furnace and more efficient door seal designs (vs. Car Bottom Style).
• Capable of Large-Width designs, making it easier to load multiple work pieces with lighter equipment.
• Low-Mass Hearth designs available.
• Load sizes up to 100,000+ lbs.

Common Applications
• Tempering
• Forging - Open & Closed Die
• Foundries - Ferrous & Non-Ferrous
• Ceramics
• Heat Treating
• Aluminum aging
• Annealing
• Stress relieving
• Many more...

RIFCO Patented 'Mega-Block' ™ full-wall style ceramic fiber lining is featured on all RIFCO Industrial Furnaces:
• Suitable for both Plate and Expanded Metal Casings with stainless steel attachment hardware.
• Available in any shape or size.
• Allows fiber to be uniformly compressed to compensate for fiber shrinkage at elevated temperatures.

Temperature Range
Operating Temperatures from as low as 400° F to as high as 2,450° F.

Heating Medium / Controls
• Electric, direct gas-fired or indirect gas heating systems available.
• Intuitive cooling cycle burner control.
• Full modulating, On-Ratio, Excess Air and Cascading Impulse type controls available.
• Pulse firing combustion control.
• Single or multiple combustion / temperature zones available.
• Many more...

Air Circulation
• High-temperature circulating fans available below 1,600° F.
• In-Wall Style Flues.
• Trim Flues.

Door Features / Options
• Electromechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic door drives.
• Chain type door closure mechanism.
• Bulkhead door adjustments.
• Adjustable side containment plates.
• Adjustable door stops.
• Twin-axis swing type actuation.

Modular designs for easy assembly and commissioning on site. Various options.

• Pre-cast refractory shapes.
• Furnace pressure controls.
• Temperature recording.
• Flame safety monitoring systems.
• Many more...
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RIFCO Industrial Box / Batch Furnaces
Modular Design Custom Furnace
Modular Design Custom Furnace
Turn-key project for Hot Strip Mill in Reading, PA.
Turn-key project for three (3) High-Temperature (2,400° F) Industrial Box / Batch Furnaces designed and built for Carpenter Technology's #4 Hot Strip Mill in Reading, PA.