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Our Model S12 Steam Drum Heater (and/or Tote Heater) is designed to heat 12 (55 gal) drums or 3 (275 gal) totes and is available with state-of-the-art digital controls with independent over-temperature protection. Units in a manifolded arrangement can be individually turned off when not heating, with independent over-temperature protection, perfect for your drum storage and drum heater needs.

'The Benko Products SAHARA HOT BOX is recognized as the industry leader in 55-gallon drum and/or Tote heating equipment.

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Built to Last

Model S12 Steam Drum Heater Specifications

The Hot Box has many unique features:
• Rugged steel construction
• Precise digital temperature control
• Portable; Just pick-up with a forklift
• Built-in spill containment
2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

12 drums (55 gal.) or 3 totes
12,000 lbs. total capacity

Materials of Construction
All steel construction includes:
• 12 gauge interior and 14 gauge exterior walls
• Integrated framing and structural members ensure toughness
• 304 stainless steel construction available

Interior:  172.25”W x 55.25”D x 47.75”H
Exterior:  179.25”W x 62”D x 68.25”H

3" thick, 6# density mineral wool

Heating Medium
Steam, hot oil, or hot water

Heat Exchanger
• Finned tube heating coil rated for saturated steam up to 200 psig.
• Recirculating coil available for hot oil or hot water

Temperature Range
Room temperature to 350°F

Integrated Spill Containment Pan
165 gallon capacity

• Exterior finished with acrylic enamel
• Interior finished with heat resistant silver
• Stainless steel available

5,150 lbs.

Shipped completely assembled.
Set in place and hook up power supply.

Custom Engineering
Custom engineered, computer designed units are available. Contact us for more information.


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'Sahara Hot Box' Model S12 - Steam Drum Heater by Benko Products 'Sahara Hot Box' Model S12 - Steam Drum Heater by Benko Products

The Sahara Hot Box line of Steam Powered Drum Ovens offers highly durable designs, and can ship fully assembled.
Our Steam Drum Heaters provide the perfect way to safely heat and/or melt a wide range of ingredients or materials.
All Sahara Hot Boxes carry a 2 year warranty and are backed by years of fabrication experience and drum oven expertise.
We can custom design and build a drum oven to meet your facility's specific needs. Electric Drum Heaters are also available.
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