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Sahara IR Ovens | Infrared Process Heating

Offering a Range of Sizes and Infrared Heat Emitters to Meet a Variety of Applications

Sahara Industrial Infrared Process Heating Ovens offer a range of sizes and heating infrared emitters to meet a variety of applications.

Benko Products is not restricted to industrial oven standard model sizes, instead, will custom build an industrial IR oven to your specifications.

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IR Oven Specifications

The Problem

• Prior to curing, operators are required
to confirm part temperature using
handheld IR guns or grease pens.

• Operator must stop hanging (setting)
parts to confirm part temperature. Often,
two to three attempts are required for an
accurate part surface temperature

IR Ovens | Infrared Process Heating

The Solution

• Automate part temperature
• Allow the operator to set parts and
monitor part temperature
• Continuous part temperature
measurement and digital recording
• Provide remote monitoring,
simultaneously view multiple products
and process lines
• Correct over cure conditions
• Log & report over cure conditions
• Control with non-contact thermometer
insures optimal drying of the final


The Sahara Infrared Process Controller has many unique features. The sensor is a
fully calibrated 16x4 pixels IR array in an industrial enclosure. And includes, HDMI
display out, USB Mouse & Keyboard ports, and Ethernet network connection.
• Non-contact temperature measurements
• Automates temperature of moving parts
• Provides part temperature deviation alerts

BENKO Advanced Process Control

View process temperatures remotely from any network PC.

Record and report conditions and make corrective actions.

IR Ovens | Infrared Process Heating

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Sahara Industrial IR Ovens offer quality construction, easy access and amazing versatility.
We custom design and construct our IR Ovens to meet your specific manufacturing needs.
All Sahara Industrial Ovens are backed by a Full 2 Year Warranty and years of industrial oven manufacturing experience.
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