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Sahara Industrial Cabinet Ovens / Reach-In Ovens

Custom Designed and Built Ovens to Meet Your Industrial Heating Applications

Sahara Industrial Cabinet Ovens offer a range of sizes and heating arrangements to meet a variety of heating applications.

Benko Products is not restricted to industrial oven standard model sizes and, instead, will custom build an industrial oven to your specifications.

Cost Effective • Innovative Designs

Benko Products | Made in the USA | Built to Last

Built to Last

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Industrial Cabinet Oven Specifications

Standard Features
The Sahara Industrial Cabinet Oven
has many unique features:
• Custom-built to your specifications
• Precise temperature control, including a
thermocouple actuated PID digital
temperature controller and adjustable
PID digital overtemperature protection.
• Motor control push buttons
• On-off heat switch
• LED pilot lights
• 2-year Manufacturer's warranty.

Materials of Construction
Rugged, steel construction includes:
• 12 gauge interior walls and 14 gauge
exterior walls
• Integrated framing and structural
members ensure toughness
• 304 stainless steel construction available

3" to 6" thick, 6# density mineral wool

Heating Medium
• Electricity or Gas
• Steam, hot oil, or hot water models

Temperature Range
Room temperature to 500°F
(Ratings for 650°F or 800°F optional)

Air Circulation
Air circulation with internal plenums for uniform airflow within the oven.

• Exterior finished with acrylic enamel or
corrosion resistant urethane system
• Interior finished with heat resistant silver
• Stainless steel available

Shipped completely assembled.
Set in place and hook up power supply.

Custom engineered, computer designed
units are available. Contact us for more

• Exhaust vent with damper
• Interior door latch
• Outdoor use package
• Chart recorder
• Door switch
• Adjustable timer
• Ethernet or serial bus communication
• Profile temperature control with ramp and
hold capability
• Industrially hardened SCADA
(supervisory control and data
acquisition) system capable of
controlling 20 ovens
• integrated PLC controls with touch screen
• Class "A" oven controls with powered
exhaust systems, which are readily
available upon request

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Industrial Cabinet Ovens Industrial Cabinet Ovens Industrial Cabinet Ovens Industrial Cabinet Ovens Industrial Cabinet Ovens Industrial Cabinet Ovens Industrial Cabinet Ovens

Sahara Industrial Cabinet Ovens offer long lasting, quality construction, easy access and can often be shipped fully assembled.
Our Cabinet Ovens are also backed by a 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
We custom design and build our Cabinet Ovens to meet your specific manufacturing needs.
Contact one of our Industrial Oven Specialists Today!