HUSKY Industrial Refrigerators & Air Conditioners

This Industrial Refrigerator Comes Ready to Use - No Setup Necessary

Keep your materials cool with our complete line of Husky industrial refrigerators and industrial air conditioners.  With a top-of-the-line industrial refrigerator from Benko Products, Inc., you can be assured of top premium performance for cooling materials.

Our units are backed by a 2 year warranty and years of Industrial Coolers manufacturing experience.

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Built to Last

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Husky Industrial Cooler Specifications

The Husky Cold Box has many unique
• Can hold up to 32 drums or 8 totes
Custom sizes available
• Portable; just pick-up with a forklift
• Built-in spill containment
• Various refrigeration systems available

Up to 32 drums or 8 totes. Custom sizes
also available.

Materials of Construction
All steel construction includes:
• 12 gauge interior walls and 14 gauge
exterior walls
• Integrated framing and structural
members ensure toughness
• 304 stainless steel construction

3" thick, 6# density mineral wool

Cooling Medium

Temperature Range
Specific to model. Request a quote for
more information.

Spill Containment Pan
Specific to model. Request a quote for
more information

• Exterior finished with acrylic enamel
• Interior finished with heat
resistant silver
• Stainless steel available

Shipped completely assembled.
Set in place and hook up power supply.

• 6" vent with damper
• Interior door latch
• Outdoor use package
• Additional heights
• Door switch
• Drain with valve

* Husky Cold Boxes are not to be used in hazardous locations or for flammable or combustible materials.

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