All ‘Protect-O-Gate’ Mezzanine & Industrial Safety Gates

Innovative, Cost-Effective Safety Gates for Mezzanines and other Industrial Applications

Protect-O-Gate by Benko Products

» Easy to install – Most safety gates come fully assembled, no cutting, or welding is necessary.
» Versatile – Our safety gates can be used in a variety of different configurations.
» Adjustable - Most can be adjusted for optimal fit & feel.
» Construction - Made in the USA from welded tubular steel, our gates are built to handle abuse!
» Customization - Our safety gates can be customized to accommodate any configuration.

Heavy duty 'Protect-O-Gate' Safety Gates can greatly reduce the potential for falls and other accidents associated with mezzanine loading areas. Our industrial safety gates come in a variety of styles to fit your needs, including pivot gates, swing gates and more.
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We offer Industrial Safety Gates to fit even the most challenging applications. All of our 'Protect-O-Gate' models are OSHA Compliant and meet ANSI Standards . They are all brightly colored to stand out and draw attention to the potential hazard that may exist.

If fall protection is a priority at your plant, 'Protect-O-Gate' products by Benko, are a must. We can demonstrate how to save the time and expense of fabricating gates in-house, in order to provide fall prevention and protection, as required by OSHA. Request a Quote Today!

Among other areas, fall protection is needed for platforms, mezzanines and stair openings. Benko Products' 'Protect-O-Gate' line of industrial safety gates has the solution to meet your needs. Available in a variety of finishes, all 'Protect-O-Gate' models share the most important safety features.