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The Sahara Hot Box
Drum & Tote Heating

The 'Sahara Hot Box' - Drum / Tote Heating Ovens and Equipment

The perfect solution to meet your material heating needs. Available units can accommodate between 1 to 32 (55 gallon) drums, or from 1 to 8 (275 gallon) totes. "Whether you call them Drum Heaters or Drum Ovens, Benko Products' specialists can help."

Benko Products is the industry leader in niche areas of industrial material handling equipment and has experts on staff to assist you with the proper configuration for your facility. Whether your heating medium is steam or electric, we have many units to choose from. Custom built units are also available.

See our entire Sahara Hot Box line of Drum/Tote Heating Equipment, and feel free to contact us if you have questions. Request a quote here.

Access & Fall Protection

GREEN Access & Fall Protection...

Benko Products, through its GREEN division, has been designing and building the industry's leading Access and Fall Protection equipment for tank trucks and rail cars. GREEN has a specific focus, which is to provide fall protection equipment for tankers and rail cars.

GREEN Mfg. is the trusted leader in safety equipment and has been for over 50 years. Our commitment to providing the most reliable, durable and affordable solutions possible is one reason why you will see more GREEN gangways in the field than another other brand.

Contact us or Visit the GREEN Mfg. website for details. Request a quote here.

Safety Solutions

'Protect-O-Gate' Benko Product's line of Industrial Safety Gates.

The 'Protect-O-Gate' line includes mezzanine gates, pivot style safety gates, dock gates, swing gates and more. Wherever in your facility that fall protection and fall prevention is a concern, 'Protect-O-Gate' has the safety gate you need.

Our safety gates are built to the highest standards possible and are OSHA compliant.

With models to meet virtually every need, Benko Products once again proves to be a leader in worker safety and injury prevention. Full customization is also available.

View the entire Protect-O-Gate product line or contact us if you have any specific needs. Request a quote here.

Industrial Ovens

Benko Products - Industrial Batch Ovens

Batch Ovens, Conveyor Ovens, Cabinet Ovens, Walk-In & Truck-In Ovens and more. Benko Products, Inc is a recognized leader in industrial heating technology, with over 30 years of oven manufacturing experience and thousands of ovens operating successfully in the field.

Benko Products combines industry expertise with high quality products and excellent customer service to deliver a complete heating solution.

View the entire Sahara Industrial Ovens product line or contact us if you have any specific needs that need to be addressed.  Request a quote here.

EPI Chemical Storage
Spill Containment

Environmental Products Chemical Storage and Spill Containment

Benko Products is proud to offer OSHA compliant storage cabinets and buildings for your facility's chemicals.

With models that hold from 4 to 32 (55 gal) drums or from 1 to 8 (275 gal) totes, Environmental Products has the right size unit to meet your needs.

Portable spill containment pallets (or skids) are also available, with larger models that will hold up to 8 drums or 2 totes.

Be sure to view the entire Environmental Products line or contact us if you have any specific needs. Request a quote here.

Drum Handling & Crushing Equipment

Drum Handling & Crushing Equipment

Benko Products is a proud supplier of the entire Morse Drum Handling Equipment line.

Together with our own Drum Crushers, manufactured in-house, we can assist you with all your company's drum handling needs. Reliable and simple to operate, our drum crushers can also be customized if needed.

View our Drum Handling Equipment line or contact us if you have any specific needs.

Request a quote here.

Husky Industrial

Husky Industrial Refrigerators / Freezers

Keep your materials cool with our complete line of Husky Industrial Refrigerators, Freezers and Industrial Air Conditioners. All made in the USA in our Ohio facility.

With a top-of-the-line industrial refrigerator from Benko Products, Inc., you can be assured of premium performance for cooling materials.

View Husky Industrial Cooler details or contact us if you have any specific needs.

Request a quote here.

RIFCO Industrial Furnaces & Kilns

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RIFCO Industrial Furnaces & Kilns

BENKO PRODUCTS recently acquired RIFCO Industrial Furnaces & Kilns.

Learn more about the acquisition here.

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