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The 'Sahara Hot Box Heater'. Drum Heating by Benko Products

Benko is a Leader in Drum Heaters Suppliers, Whether You're Heating Drums or Totes.

Benko Products proudly presents the 'Sahara Hot Box Heaters', our exclusive line of Drum Heaters and Drum Ovens. The 'Sahara Hot Box' is recognized as 'The Industry Leader in 55 Gallon Drum Heating Equipment'. With the increased popularity of 275 gallon Totes replacing the space of 4 (55 gallon) drums, thus increasing material capacity of up to an additional 55 gallons per pallet, any of our 'Sahara Hot Box' models that accept 4 Drums will also accept 1 Tote. Many of our customers are now using Totes.  Contact us for details.

Standard drum heater models accommodate from 1 to 32 Drums, heated by electricity or steam (hot water or hot oil). Custom units for specific drum heating needs are available. These units also make ideal Tote heaters, heating up to 8 Totes at once. Units that can accommodate 2 totes or more, will accept drums and totes at the same time. All models feature welded, rugged steel construction and Stainless steel construction is also available.

'Sahara Hot Box' Steam Drum Heater models feature rugged Pipe Heat Exchangers welded by A.S.M.E. certified welders that are rated for 200 psig. Our Steam Heated Drum Ovens offer options that include: temperature controls, vent steam trap, recirculating fan, modified heat exchangers for thermal fluids, stainless steel construction and outdoor service.

Our line of Electric Drum Heaters feature state-of-the-art digital controls with independent over-temperature protection. Low watt density heaters assure years of trouble-free operation, perfect for your drum storage and drum heater needs. Electric Drum Heater options include: air circulation blower, vent, timer, recirculating fan, door switch, stainless steel construction and outdoor service.