RIFCO Brand Industrial Furnaces By Benko Products

RIFCO Industrial Furnaces each need to accomplish different things. We've erected some massive furnaces over the years, as well as many smaller, specialty type furnaces. Furnaces of many types. Each furnace is designed to do do something different. There are many common industrial uses. Click on our most popular Furnace Types below to learn more about them and their capabilities. We are honored to serve many different industries and most of all we are proud to bring many innovative features and design elements to the industrial furnace market. Clicking the links below will help guide you through the RIFCO Furnace product line.

  • RIFCO Furnace Features

    • Pre-Cast Refractory Shapes
      • More than 100 specific 
        purposeful design shapes
    • Low Mass Hearth Designs
    • Pulse Firing Combustion Control

  • Common Furnace Uses

    • Pre-Heating
    • Re-Heating
    • Heat Treating
    • Forging
    • High Temperature Baking
    • and more

  • Industries Served

    • Steel Mills
    • Forging
      • Open & Closed Die
    • Foundries
      • Ferrous & Non-Ferrous
    • Ceramics
    • Heat Treating

Furnace Firing
  • Furnace Inovations by RIFCO

    • Patented Mega Block™ - Full Wall Style Ceramic Fiber Lining
      • Suitable for both Plate & Expanded Metal Casings
      • Featured on ALL our Furnaces
    • Chain Type Door Closure Mechanism
    • In-Wall Style Flues
    • Trim Flues
    • Push-In Style Car to Furnace Seals
    • Modular Furnace Design
      • Ease of Shipping & Field Erection
    • Door Design Features
      • Bulkhead Door Adjustment
      • Adjustable Side Containment Plates
      • Adjustable Door Stops
      • Twin Axis Swing Type Actuation
      • Intuitive Cooling Cycle Burner Control

Car Bottom Furnace

BENKO PRODUCTS is proud to announce the recent acquisition of Robbins Industrial Furnace Co, Inc. (RIFCO), a professional and innovative Industrial Furnace Manufacturer.  This addition will allow Benko Products to further expand its product line into the Industrial Furnace market.  RIFCO has designed, fabricated & installed custom Industrial Furnaces since 1994.