Steam Powered Drum Heaters / Tote Heaters

Use the Power of Steam to Precisely and Economically Heat up to 32 Drums

Single Drum Oven

Heat up to 2 Drums (55 gal)

Heat up to 4 (55 gal) Drums or 1 (275 gal) Tote

Heat up to 8 (55 gal) Drums
Heats 2 (275 gal) Totes

Heat up to 8 (55 gal) Drums
Heats 2 (275 gal) Totes

Heat up to 12 (55 gal) Drums
Heats 3 (275 gal) Totes

Heat up to 16 (55 gal) Drums
Heats 4 (275 gal) Totes

Heat up to 24 (55 gal) Drums
Heats 6 (275 gal) Totes

Heat up to 32 (55 gal) Drums
Heats 8 (275 gal) Totes

'Sahara Hot Box' Drum Heaters help to heat and speed the flow of thick or viscous materials and ingredients. Our Steam Powered Drum Heaters provide the perfect way to safely heat and/or melt a wide variety of greases, oils, cosmetics, plastics, adhesives and more. If it resides in a 55 gallon drum or a tote (generally 275 gallons) and needs to be heated, we have the solution. Electric models also available.

'Sahara Hot Box' Industrial Ovens by Benko Products

Sahara Hot Box Steam Powered Drum Heaters come in a wide variety of sizes. From single drum heaters, to oven style drum heaters with the ability to heat from 1 single drum, all the way up to 32 (55 gallon) drums. It should also be noted that our stationary drum ovens can also be used to heat the totes mentioned above.

Totes are fast becoming a replacement for 55 gallon drums. Whereas 4 (55 gallon) drums can fit on a standard pallet or skid, that same pallet can also hold 1 tote. The difference? 55 gallons! 4 (55 gallon) drums can hold up to 220 gallons. 1 standard tote can hold as much as 275 gallons. One can easily see how the additional 55 gallons can quickly add up. Nevertheless, whether you need to heat the contents of a 55 gallon drum or the contents of a 275 gallon tote, Benko Products has the drum heater (or tote heater) for you.

Pioneers in energy saving Drum Warming Heaters and Ovens since 1983, we understand drum heating. Our experience in this field allows our experts to properly assist you in choosing the correct drum heater for your needs. Feel free to browse our items in this category below or use our Online Quote Request form to get a custom response with pricing. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any technical questions.