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BENKO Expands its Product Line into the Industrial Furnace Market

By Benko | August 21, 2018

BENKO PRODUCTS has recently acquired Robbins Industrial Furnace Co., Inc (RIFCO) to expand its product line into the Industrial Furnace market. By BENKO PRODUCTS Get A Furnace Quote RIFCO has been designing, fabricating & installing “custom” industrial furnaces since 1994 with the most popular type being a Car Bottom Furnace. To capitalize on the many designs,…

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Incorporating Loading Arms into Safe Access & Fall Protection Solutions

By Benko | August 8, 2017

As a safe access and fall protection supplier, many times Benko Products is asked to incorporate loading arms into our solutions. While we do not fabricate the loading arms, we do have the ability to help our clients with sourcing loading arms from various manufacturers. Selecting the correct arm is not as easy as one…

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Benko Products’ GREEN Access & Fall Protection Trade Show Update

By Benko | July 18, 2017

Benko/GREEN on the move! GM, Doug Ingram & Business Development Manager David Yearicks at the 2017 ILTA in Houston. Benko Products’ GREEN Access & Fall Protection team is just completing two weeks of trade shows. While on the road, the Benko Products’ GREEN Access & Fall Protection team is reminded of why we attend these…

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This Is Not As Simple As I Thought…

By Benko | June 21, 2017

All too often, requests come in for a quick fix solution. An existing or potential client calls in after seeing a solution at another site or many times from searching the internet. The caller asks for specific equipment that they have determined will solve their issues or challenges. Once we dive into the heart of…

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GREEN Access & Fall Protection Heavy-Duty Truck Loading Racks Provide Maximum Protection in the Most Extreme Environments

By Benko | April 22, 2017

Benko Products, Inc., the industry’s leading access and fall protection equipment manufacturer for tank trucks and rail cars, is pleased to announce that its heavy-duty truck loading racks with slide-track gangways provide maximum operator protection. The loading racks are part of the “GREEN Access & Fall Protection” line and are designed with ease of installation…

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GREEN Access & Fall Protection Announces the Removable Insta-Rack Platform – No Foundation Required

By Benko | April 21, 2017

See the original article on the ThomasNet News website here. Designed for use where permanent installation of a pedestal platform is not suitable. The Removable Insta-Rack Platform by GREEN brings users to their predetermined height, needed for safe, stable access. Obtain safe access to the tops and hatches of tank trucks and railcars. The counterweighted, 4-post platform features…

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From Benko Products! Zero Ground Clearance Drum Ovens.

By Benko | April 16, 2017

Benko Products, Inc. can incorporate a ‘Zero Ground Clearance’ option. These drum oven models allow for easy pallet-jack access. This means virtually anyone can load and unload these drum ovens using just a pallet jack. No forklift needed! This option means Benko Products’ line of premium drum heating equipment can be used in facilities where forklifts…

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See Benko Product’s YouTube Videos

By Benko | July 10, 2016

We continue to capture new videos for our YouTube Channel. As we work on getting more posted, please enjoy the videos we have released. Please see our YouTube Channel here. Be sure to ‘Like’ our videos and you can even leave a comment.

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GREEN Insta-Rack Pedestal Platforms Provide Safe Access to the Tops of Single-Dome Tank Trucks and Hopper Cars

By Benko | April 28, 2016

Originally posted on Gas, Oil & Mining Contractor Magazine. No company can afford worker injury or even death from unsafe truck and railcar loading/unloading practices. GREEN Insta-Rack Pedestal Platforms manufactured by Benko Products, Inc. provide a safe, protected area for workers to easily access the tops of single-dome tank/bulk trucks, tank cars and hopper cars. No company…

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Optimizing Petrochemical Plant Loading-Platform Construction By David Yearicks

By Benko | October 10, 2015

David Yearicks from GREEN Access & Fall Protection has authored this article, found on the OG&PE magazine website, accessible here… Opoptimizing Petrochemical Plant Loading-Platform Construction

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