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Zero Ground Clearance Drum Ovens

Another Drum Oven Innovation from Benko!

From Benko Products! Zero Ground Clearance Drum Ovens.
Load and Unload These New Drum Ovens using Only a Pallet-Jack!

Benko Products' engineers, working with suggestions from our many clients worldwide, have integrated this Zero Ground Clearance feature into some of our more popular Electric Drum Heater sizes.

We'd also like to highlight the following features, which are now incorporated into all of our Drum Ovens.

  • Precise digital temperature control with overtemperature protection.
  • All Drum Ovens now come standard with a 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • See the Blog Post.

Visit each oven's detail page to learn more.  Contact us to learn more about how we can Custom Build a Drum Heater to meet your facility's needs.

The Benko Products SAHARA HOT BOX line of Drum Ovens are recognized as the industry leader in 55-gallon drum heating equipment.

Cost Effective, Innovative Designs | Built to Last!

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